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Fri 09/04 EVERGREY with special guests VOYAGER, BOREALIS, OCEANS OF SLUMBER and VERMITHRAX 6:30pm All Ages
Since their inception twenty years ago, Sweden's EVERGREY have built a growing fan base and have worked hard to become one of Scandinavia's top progressive metal bands. This fall they're embarking on a North American tour culminating with their appearance at the world renowned Prog Power Festival in Atlanta. Joining them at Mr. Smalls are Australia's VOYAGER, Canada's BOREALIS, Texas' OCEANS OF SLUMBER and Pittsburgh's own VERMITHRAX. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony
Sat 09/05 Daily Bread presents Lil Durk with Special Guests Gunplay, Hypno Carlito (OTF), Norman Dean, Komplex, DJ Afterthought 7:00pm All Ages
Durk Banks, better known by his stage name Lil Durk, is an American rapper from Chicago IL. He is signed to the major record label Def Jam as well as French Montana's Coke Boys imprint. Early Life: Banks was raised in the Englewood area, a particularly notorious neighborhood in Chicago's South Side. Career: Durk is affiliated but not a part of Glory Boys Entertainment. Durk started seriously considering rap as a career after the release of his single, "Sneak Dissin'", which received mostly positive feedback. In January 2012 Durk released a remix to his song "L's Anthem" featuring Yo Gotti, Juelz Santana, Meek Mill, and Future. On May 21, 2013, Lil Durk inked a deal on French Montana's label, Coke Boyz. Legal Issues: In 2011, Banks was arrested on a weapons charge. He was sentenced to three months in prison, was released on bond and was sent back to complete 87 more days. On June 5, 2013, Banks was arrested after throwing a loaded .40 caliber handgun into his car when police approached him on South Green Street in Chicago. He was charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. He was held on 100,000 bond and his lawyer would claim to have nine affidavits from witnesses who confirm Durk's innocence. One witness also admitted the gun was his. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Thu 09/10 91.3 WYEP presents Langhorne Slim & The Law with special guests Twain 8:00pm All Ages
Sometimes, truth can’t be explained. But it can be felt, running wild through a song. “I don’t want to tame myself. I want to be wild,” says Langhorne Slim. “If I can continue to refine the wildness but never suffocate or tame it, then I’m on the right path. Because it is a path. I feel it.” The Spirit Moves is Langhorne’s newest artistic attempt to refine the wildness. The result is an effervescent collection of his now-signature, cinematic, joyful noise, rooted in folk, soul, and blues. Out on Dualtone Records on August 7th, 2015, the album marks his second with rock-solid band The Law, and the highly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s critically acclaimed The Way We Move. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Fri 09/11 CANCELED - The Wombats 9:00pm All Ages
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Los Angeles: a city of contrasts. On one hand, a metropolis of aspirations, a place which offers the transient a tantalising glimpse of glamour and permanence. On the other, many dreams drift away, deserted within an urban personification of unfulfilled ambitions. It might not seem like the most obvious place around which to theme an album for a band rooted in Liverpool (albeit via Norway in the case of bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen, or onto London for frontman Matthew 'Murph' Murphy), but that's precisely what The Wombats have done with their third set "Glitterbug," a collection which follows their top five hit "This Modern Glitch."
Sat 09/12 Here Come the Mummies with special guest Gene The Werewolf 9:00pm All Ages
Here Come the Mummies is an eight-piece funk-rock band of 5000 year-old Egyptian Mummies with a one-track mind. Their "Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave" is sure to get you into them (and possibly vice versa). Since their discovery (and without so much as a hot bath) Here Come The Mummies has opened for P-Funk, Al Green, and Cheap Trick; rocked Super Bowl Village 2012; become a regular on The Bob and Tom Show; been invited to play Summer Camp 2015, Common Ground 2015, Voodoo Fest 2015, Musikfest, and Summerfest; and made themselves the darlings of sell-out crowds over wide swaths of North America. Maybe that’s why the ladies (and some dudes) can’t stop losing their minds over these mayhem-inducing mavens of mirth. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Tue 09/15 Daily Bread presents The Internet - The Ego Death Tour 8:00pm All Ages
THE INTERNET began as two people – Syd and Matt. Syd taught herself how to record, engineer, and produce at age 15. She also sings, imbuing every song with a sultry, mellifluous, quiet power. Matt produces and plays synths. She’s now 23; he’s now 26. Like all post-modern relationships, the duo initially met on Myspace in 2008, only to meet in-person three years later. THE INTERNET branched off from the Odd Future collective and started their own band in 2011. Syd had been writing music since she was small; she put this on hold to become OF’s DJ and producer, and picked her songs back up in 2011 to make her first full-length album with Matt. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Wed 09/16 Ky-Mani Marley with special guests Truth & Rites 8:00pm All Ages
The Marley surname perpetuates Jamaican royalty, resonates world-wide recognition and represents the pioneer of a cultural, political and social revolution. Reggae icon and legend Bob Marley blessed the world with his timeless, brilliant and message filled sound which continues to inspire and influence audiences today. With such a living past, Bob Marley’s conviction and passion for music unintentionally was passed to the lives of his offspring and has allowed the Marley name to remain relevant amongst the hierarchy of the reggae sound. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Thu 09/17 Echo & The Bunnymen 8:00pm All Ages
Echo & the Bunnymen are an English post-punk group, formed in Liverpool in 1978. Their original lineup consisted of vocalist Ian McCulloch, guitarist Will Sergeant and bass player Les Pattinson, supplemented by a drum machine. By 1980, Pete de Freitas had joined as the band's drummer, and their debut album, Crocodiles, met with critical acclaim and made the UK Top 20. After working together as Electrafixion, McCulloch and Sergeant regrouped with Pattinson in 1997 and returned as Echo & the Bunnymen with the UK Top 10 hit "Nothing Lasts Forever". An album of new material, Evergreen, was greeted enthusiastically by critics and the band made a successful return to the live arena. Though Pattinson left the group for a second time, McCulloch and Sergeant have continued to issue new material as Echo & the Bunnymen.
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Fri 09/18 Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats with special guests Ruby The Hatchet, Ecstatic Vision 9:00pm All Ages
The Night Creeper is the new album by Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. Contained within are ten tracks of the type of sonic psyche-frazzling heaviness and blood-drenched pop that have made Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats one of Britain’s great cult bands. Recorded at Toe Rag studios in early 2015 with engineer Liam Watson (White Stripes, Tame Impala, Electric Wizard), their fourth opus The Night Creeper finds the quartet in full-on death-tripping, third eye-widening mode. Here songs ooze louche evil over flesh-melting riffs that creep like hot magma bubbling up through the earth’s crust at their own malevolent pace. This album is in no hurry to destroy you. But it will. It will. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Sat 09/19 SOLD OUT!
***SOLD OUT*** Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls with Special Guests Skinny Lister and Beans on Toast
8:00pm All Ages
Having spent years trailing the UK hardcore circuit in politically-charged rock bands, Frank Turner grabbed an acoustic guitar in 2005 and dug deep for personal, introspective, and rousing folk tunes. Loyal to Xtra Mile after Million Dead's split, his steady rise from pubs and people's bedrooms has seen him play in places as far removed as the US and China, support Green Day at Wembley Stadium, play the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, and headline the O2. Yet, he's never turned his back on his roots, and continues to support independent venues, play smaller towns, and work with a host of rising musicians. With a top three charting album to his name in Tape Deck Heart, a silver album in Love Ire & Song, and a gold album in England Keep My Bones, Frank is not only the hardest working musician from the UK, he is probably one of the most inspiring and successful independent musical entertainers around. | SOLD OUT! | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Tue 09/22 91.3 WYEP presents Punch Brothers with special guest Gabriel Kahane 8:00pm All Ages
Punch Brothers’ latest album, the T Bone Burnett–produced The Phosphorescent Blues, addresses with straight-up poignancy and subversive humor the power and the pitfalls of our super-connected era. Digitally fueled isolation may be a theme, but this virtuosic acoustic quintet offers its warmest, most emotive and elegantly melodic work to date. A longing for community and connection was both impetus and inspiration for this disc. Punch Brothers had been touring almost non-stop since uniting to support mandolin player Chris Thile’s 2006 solo album, How to Grow a Woman From the Ground. After scaling back in February 2013, the band began writing sessions where, Thile relates, they had animated debates about how they relate to music, and to each other, through a digital filter. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Wed 09/23 91.3 WYEP presents Calexico with special guest Gaby Moreno 8:00pm All Ages
Calexico is no stranger to negotiating borders. For the better part of two decades, eight albums, and countless trips around the globe, Joey Burns and John Convertino have crossed musical barriers with their band, embracing a multitude of diverse styles, variety in instrumentation, and well-cultivated signature sounds. Under fences it digs and over mountains it climbs, sometimes into untrodden terrain, sometimes towards a more familiar landscape, and sometimes simply walking that fine line to soak up sustenance from all sides. These are men from the desert, yes, but there has always been so much more to Calexico than just heritage and heat. Now, with Edge of the Sun, Burns and Convertino find themselves straddling that celestial division of light and dark, taking inspiration from a trip to a place surprisingly unexplored by the band before, and with the benefit of many friends and comrades to help guide the way. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Thu 09/24 CANCELED - Black Violin with special guests DJ SPS, Beauty Slap 8:00pm All Ages
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Black Violin is the blend of classical, hip-hop, rock, R&B, and bluegrass music. Live, they are accompanied by their incredible band, featuring ace turntable whiz DJ SPS and a drummer. Named one of the hottest bands at SXSW in 2013, Black Violin was invited to perform at Bonnaroo and returned to SXSW this year to SRO crowds. “Black Violin works hard, but makes it all look like play… Sometimes they play with the intense seriousness of orchestral soloists; at others they fiddle as if at a hoedown; at still others they strum the violin and viola like guitars.” New York Times
Sun 09/27 Opus One & PromoWest North Shore present An Evening With Chris Robinson Brotherhood 8:00pm All Ages
The Chris Robinson Brotherhood is touring in support of its latest release, Phosphorescent Harvest. Praised by Rolling Stone as “at once quirky, trippy, soulful and downright magnetic,” it’s the band’s third long-playing album for Silver Arrow Records. Robinson declares: "We've created a piece of rock 'n' roll here. People can look to us and rest assured the genre is alive and well. The CRB (as they are affectionately known by fans) made an immediate impact upon their boldly unconventional debut in early 2011. They would play close to 50 shows over nine weeks in California before ever leaving the Golden State. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Tue 09/29 91.3 WYEP presents An Acoustic Evening with Yo La Tengo featuring Dave Schramm 8:00pm All Ages
Like the nest, the arrival of a new Yo La Tengo record is a wonder of nature indeed. Constructing in their own fashion a nest for the making of recordings in a confortable, familiar setting. Assembled from a variety of materials both natural and synthetic, their nest is a strong one. Yet unlike the bird’s nest held together by poop, theirs is a nest that rarely needs such an adhesive to some relief. With occasion, the splendid nature of both endeavors requires the new and its relations. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets