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Fri 12/19 Wake Up! On Fire Presents Spacefish with special guests 80 Degreez 7:00pm All Ages
Alien to this Earth, Spacefish creates music. Abducted as children, and again in early 2014, the members of Spacefish have since been surveyed and deemed worthy by galactic travelers to form a static twosome of a band in pursuit of world-change and betterment for the terrestrial lifestyle. Their music, needless to say, is out of this world. Splashes of color mix with sloshes of sound, leaving nothing behind but a rare diamond for you, the listener, to hold. As with all wonderful creations, though, Spacefish has its beauty marks. Much like the moon, a dark face hides somewhere behind the glowing one. Hells, heavens, and holes of the universe are ripped from their homes by the fire that Spacefish creates. No matter is left untouched. The band's most prized possession is a 6-story underground bunker. There, they utilize cutting-edge equipment to record music and conduct research. A group of leading new-wave scientists inhabit Floor 3, while secrets of the universe are kept on Floor 5. Floor 6 is where they create sound, art, and do, really, whatever they want. The future has been mapped. Are you coming or not? | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401
Sat 12/27 Punk The Halls Xmas Party Show with Katie Hate and Friends 6:30pm All Ages
Also performing: Scene Stage The World, Fiveunder, A Lovely Crisis, Harbours, Anthony Sarnelli!
KatieHate is a 3 piece "Punkternative" Band who plays a lot bigger then their numbers would suggest. Their energy and stage presence are becoming legendary already for such a young band. KatieHate's music is a combination of musical influences that are mixed In a secret brew of notes,chords,knock out lyrics, and social satire. Their ability to tell a story and keep you moshing is a rarity.This places them in a Genre of their own, thus the term "Punkternative," is born! | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401