AcoustiCafe takes place every Monday night at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls. It is an free open mic night, and there is always a special guest host. Sometimes the host is reoccurring, but they try to bring in a variety of new hosts. The main goal of it is to give local musicians the opportunity to network and meet new people. It is a great way to share your music in a supportive environment.

AcoustiCafe has been around for over 15 years, but it was always held at different venues. It was originally founded by Mark Willson, but was handed over to Jesse Prentiss in the last few years. Last spring, in April of 2016, the Funhouse at Mr. Smalls became AcoustiCafe’s new home. Jesse Prentiss, the organizer of AcoustiCafe and all the Funhouse shows said, “I started coming to AC at Club Cafe in late 2009 with my friend Pete Bush, and we’d play a song or two while we waited for our drummer to be available for band rehearsals.  I got to really love the community atmosphere and all of the super-talented performers, so I ended up more and more involved in the organization, helping to run events at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, First Night festivities, Beatles Tribute Benefit Concerts, etc.  Eventually, Mark Willson handed over booking the weekly hosts to me, and I continued that up until (and after) we moved over to the Funhouse this past April.”


AcoustiCafe begins at 6:00 pm, and is open to 18+ until 7:00, then it is only 21+ for the rest of the evening (7:15-11:00 pm). The 18+ group is set up at the Satellite Stage in the Great Hall, and the 21+ group and host is all over on the Funhouse Stage. “There are 10 minute (2 song) slots throughout the night, with a few reserved spots for comics and spoken word artists, as well as for new performers.  At 9 the host performs a 15 minute set and introduces the featured act for the week (often a touring artist looking to meet Pittsburgh music fans), then from 10 til 11ish there are 5 minute sets to try to get everyone left on the list on stage” says Jesse Prentiss.

If you’re a local Pittsburgh musician who is looking to network with other musicians, or just have fun on Monday night, come on out to The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls for AcoustiCafe!

Mr. Smalls Recording Studio Open House

On Sunday December 11th, Mr. Smalls Recording and Mastering Studio will be having their annual Open House! The event is completely free, as well as free food and drinks to whoever attends. There will be instruments set up throughout the studio for open jams that anyone can participate in. There will be tours of the studio, information sessions, a contest to win free recording studio time, and a reunion from the Real.Life.Music.Camp!

The event is open to all Pittsburgh musicians. This is a perfect opportunity for musicians to network with each other! The open house is from 5:00 pm- 9:00 pm. For more information please call 412-657-2545 or email! Hope to see everyone there!


Jeremy Caywood CD Release

Mr. Smalls Funhouse is so excited to host Jeremy Caywood’s CD Release, Over and Under, on Friday, December 2nd! Jeremy’s new album is full of collaborations with local artists. “A part of the live music experience I like is being spontaneous with my music, which is why I collaborate. I like to keep the audience on the edge of their seats with my music, and I want them to never know what to expect from me. It’s exciting and makes a better experience” -Jeremy Caywood.


Jeremy’s love for music collaboration began after college. He started going to open mic nights and became fascinated with different styles of music. He started talking to some of the performers at the open mic nights and forming friendships with them. Not long after, he started collaborating the performers that he had met through open mic nights.

Even though Jeremy is releasing his new album on Friday, he is already going back in the studio on Saturday to start recording even more new music! His passion for music is incredible, and he is constantly creating working on new songs and CDs.

Doors open at 7:00 pm on Friday night, and the performance begins at 8:00 pm. There will be performances by; Jeremy Colbert, Torie Shineman, Andre Costello, Johanna Chastek, Adam Levine, and The Way of Life. Tickets are only $7.00 at the door, and only $5.00 if you preorder online, which can be found here! Come on out, it’s a show you don’t want to miss!

TributeFest VII

On Saturday, November 26th, Mr. Smalls FunHouse will be hosting the third night of TributeFest! The line up of the night will be tributes to The Pretenders, The Cars, Killing Joke, Johnny Cash, and Botch. The bands are all from the Pittsburgh and West Virginia area, and the organizer, Bengt Alexander, said, “The demand to participate grows exponentially. We chose the lineup in April this year.”


TributeFest is interesting because the tribute bands are a cross-pollenation of musicians from many bands. “It’s no full bands, the main point of TributeFest is to get a bunch of musicians who haven’t played together to learn and perform in character as bands they love. This show has members of Action Camp, Park Plan, The Tremblers, Kalon, Proper People, Seige 15, Dreadeth, Haymaker, and a bunch more. We did 3 shows this years with members from something like 40 bands total.” -Bengt Alexander.

Come on out on Saturday night to listen to tributes of some of the greatest musicians in history. It begins at 7:00 and tickets are only $10.00 here.

The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls Upcoming Events

Next week, the Funhouse at Mr. Smalls has a ton of events going on. Incase you aren’t aware of what the Funhouse is, it is a 175 capacity venue located upstairs from the Theatre.


On Wednesday, November 23rd, we are hosting Mike Why’s release party for his new full-length album, INTERFACED. He is coming with Jean-Paul De Roover who is a post-pop artist from Canada. This show is all-ages, but guests who are under 18 are encouraged to have a parental guardian with them. Doors open at 6:30 pm, and music begins at 7:00 pm. Tickets can be found here for as low as $2.00!


Following the Release Party on Wednesday night, is A.A.R.P. (Another Awesome Radical Party). This party is for Johnny Kaotic’s 50th birthday! There will be two different stages for DJs (Main stage: CAKE STAGE, and the Side Stage: Ice Cream Stage). The night will have performances from 11 different DJs! This party is 21 and over, beginning at 10:00pm and ending at 2:00 am. Come out and help us celebrate Johnny’s birthday! Advance tickets are $6.00 and $10.00 at the door!


On Friday, November 25th, EMO NIGHT Live Band Karaoke returns to Pittsburgh! EMO NIGHT will now be held every fourth Friday of the month. The musicians this month are; Cory Muro, Nate Hall, Matthew Fuchs & Jordan Tomb and special guest host, Jamie Cannon! Doors and sign ups begin at 9:30 pm. This event is 21 and over, and tickets are $8.00 and can be found here. Come out and sing your favorite sad songs with a full backing band!!


On Sunday, November 27th, The Funhouse is hosting TributeFest VII Night 3! The night will be filled with tributes to some of the greatest musicians. This years lineup is; The Pretenders, Botch, Killing Joke, and Johnny Cash. This event is 21 and over, and tickets are $10.00 here.

Crown The Empire is Coming to Mr. Smalls Theatre!

On Wednesday, November 16th Crown the Empire will be coming to Mr. Smalls Theatre! The band rises from Dallas, Texas and have been together since 2010. They started the band with one goal in mind, to be heavier than any other band in their area. Back in 2012, Crown The Empire was signed to Rise Records, and since then have put out three full studio albums. Back in July, they released their new album, Retrograde.


The band consists of five members: Andy Leo (Vocals), David Escamilla (Vocals and Guitar), Brandon Hoover (Guitar), Hayden Tree (Bass), and Brent Taddie (Drums).

Doors open at 5:30, and music starts at 6:30! Tickets are $18.00 for advance, and $20.00 at the doors. You can still find tickets here. Hope to see you there!

Phat Man Dee and Liz Berlin: Social Justice Disco Release

Phat Man Dee (voted Best Jazz/ Blues Performer in Pittsburgh City paper 2016 Readers’ Poll) and Liz Berlin (of Rusted Root) have paired up with one another to record a new album, Social Justice Disco: Songs to Fight Fascists By. The whole idea of the album started off with an April Fools Joke, when Phat Man Dee posted on Facebook, “I am so excited to announce mine and Liz Berlin’s new social justice disco album!!! We will be reworking Woody Guthrie’s classic works like “All You Fascists Are Bound for Hell” and Anne Feeney’s “Have You been to jail for justice?” into high energy dance anthems, backed by the fusion force of Rusted Root and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra!”  Liz loved the idea, and they began writing and recording shortly after!

On Monday, October 31st, Phat Man Dee and Liz Berlin were the featured artists at AcoustiCafe, where they released their first single, Fourth Reich Arising, from the upcoming album. The album will consist of five original songs, as well as seven covers from Woody Guthrie, The Temptations, and many more!

Mandee and Liz have just launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help try and raise money for the production of their new album. Contributions will cover recording studio time, paying the sound engineers, other members of the band, and many other costs that come with recording and releasing a new album. All donations are tax deductible and for anyone willing to donate there are some awesome perks such as VIP passes to their CD Release Party, Skype sessions with Liz and Mandee, live streaming videos, and so much more. You can read more about the perks, as well as the project on their IndieGoGo page. Please help spread the word so they can get to their goal!


Mandee and Liz believe that, “we are all humans, living on one world and as patriotic Americans, that we are a country founded in religious and personal freedom, with opportunity afforded to all who seek relief from persecution.” Their album was made to show this message through upbeat dance music!

The duo had an excellent article written in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and you can read all about their new project here. You can also listen to their single, Fourth Reich Arising, here!

GWAR… Just In Time For Halloween

On Friday, October 28th, GWAR will be returning to Mr. Smalls Theatre! GWAR has been around for a little over 30 years. Since then, they have released thirteen studio albums, toured around the world several times, and have been nominated for two Grammy Awards. They are known to dress up like monsters, and throw blood into the audience. They consider themselves the masters of “shock rock” and have become some type of international icon.


There is certainly no better way to kick of Halloween Weekend than at a GWAR show! Doors are opening at 7:00 pm, and music starts at 8:00 pm! Tickets are still available here for $20.00. There will be two opening performers, Official Darkest Hour and Mutoid Men. Come on out and make sure to wear a white shirt!!

Happily Ever After: Sam and Jeremy Morgan Wedding

On Saturday, October 15th, Mr. Smalls Theatre had the honor of hosting a beautiful wedding for Sam and Jeremy Morgan. The wedding was nothing short of beautiful, and was definitely a day that they won’t forget, as well as their guests. The whole venue was transformed into a romantic setting for the bride and groom. The Mr. Smalls staff created an intimate cocktail hour and reception hall throughout the Theatre and Funhouse.img_9914


“Mr Smalls was the only venue we even looked at. We are music lovers and go to shows all the time there. Music is something we share together and have always done for the entirety of our relationship. When we found out we could get married at the place we love going to together, it was a no brainer! Plus, I loved working with Shaunden!” -Sam Morgan

Mr. Smalls has been called the,”The Best Church to Get Married in That’s no Longer a Church” by Pittsburgh Magazine. We may be known for our rock concerts, but we are able to turn our venue into a beautiful wedding area. It is perfect for couples that are passionate about music, and want a unique place to have their wedding at. If you are interested in having a wedding here, please email Shaunden Smith, the Director Of Events for more information:

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This Fall, we have been focusing a lot on our Snapchat. Our Snapchat account shows exclusive footage and pictures of some of our shows. We try our hardest to capture special moments during the shows, and try to give our viewers what they want to see. You will get to experience a look at what a show at Mr. Smalls is all about, all through Snapchat!

If you want to see exclusive peeks into some of our shows, take a moment to add us on Snapchat. Just log onto Snapchat, scan the picture below, and experience Mr. Smalls shows all through the comfort of your phone.


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