Tough Night on Carson, Saybrook, Escaping Destiny, Kaelber, Vacancy – Tickets – Mr. Smalls Theatre – Millvale, PA – April 21st, 2017

Tough Night on Carson, Saybrook, Escaping Destiny, Kaelber, Vacancy

Opus One Presents

Tough Night on Carson


Escaping Destiny



Fri, April 21, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


This event is all ages

Tough Night on Carson
Tough Night on Carson
Based out of the Pittsburgh suburb town Greensburg, Saybrook (originally Sandlot Kids) got their start in the summer of 2014. Saybrooks high-energy sound is the result of a wide array of pop-punk, hard rock, metal, and progressive influences. Their self-recorded debut album "Saybrook" was released in December 2015.
Escaping Destiny
Escaping Destiny
The Overview:

Escaping Destiny is a band which fuses musical genres ranging from hard rock and rap to electronica to classical music and more. They are also determined to motivate and empower Millennials. Their message is clear and even has the ability to transcend their target audience –

“If you have a dream, never let insurmountable odds intimidate you or any obstacle stand in your way. There is always a way to attain your goal, even it is not clear initially.”

The band itself is made up of four members:

Alex Reilly – Vocals/Guitars/Violin

Devon Jackson – Vocals/Piano

Nicolai DeAugustine – Vocals/Bass Guitar

Greg Rosser – Drums/Percussion

The Story:

Devon C. Jackson founded Escaping Destiny. Ever since his childhood, he has had an obsession with music. At the early age of 6, he began taking Classical Piano lessons with dreams of playing Beethoven at Carnegie Hall. However, in the time since his childhood, his aspirations adjusted and he eventually formed a vision of a band he wanted to create which crossed and fused genres.

While he was attending a local community college for music, it seemed he had stumbled upon a way to make his dream a reality when he befriended an extremely talented guitarist in one of his classes. They soon formed a band called “Prophets Pushing Daydreams.” This project lasted a couple years and had a number of various band members, but began to deteriorate when the guitarist moved away to focus on academic pursuits. However, it was during this time period when “Prophet Pushing Daydreams” existed that Devon met the first other official member of Escaping Destiny – Alex Reilly. This happened shortly after he transferred to IUP and changed his major from Music to Psychology.

Alex, much like Devon, had been obsessed with music from an early age. He began taking Violin lessons at the age of 5 and, in the years that followed, picked up additional instruments like the trumpet, guitar, and others. Music became his way of life and he did everything within his power to play and learn as much as possible. He was actually on a mission to learn how to play the piano when he first talked to Devon during his junior year at IUP.

Alex and Devon’s first conversation revolved around Alex’s desire to learn how to play the piano. During this conversation, Devon offered to give Alex piano lessons. It was after only a few lessons that they mutually decided Alex was best suited to stick with the violin as his primary instrument. However, through this interaction, Devon and Alex began to form a strong friendship. It was shortly thereafter that Alex joined Devon’s then-current band, “Prophets Pushing Daydreams.” When this project began to dissolve, as previously mentioned, only the duo of Alex and Devon remained. At this point, they decided to become more serious about the band. They moved to Pittsburgh and began playing the local scene still under the name, “Prophets Pushing Daydreams.” It wasn’t until a year later in August of 2015 they met their drummer, Greg Rosser, through a Craigslist ad. By this time, Alex and Devon had changed the band name to “Escaping Destiny.”

Like all members of Escaping Destiny, Greg began playing music at a young age. He was only 7 when he first started receiving drum lessons. However, over the years he informally picked up Guitar and Bass Guitar as well. Unlike Devon and Alex, though, his life was not centered on music. He played and jammed with a number of musicians in the years leading up to his association with Escaping Destiny and loved music. However, he had never involved himself in a serious band. His career aspirations were more focused in the field of business, or so it seemed.

During one weekend in August of 2015, he was in the midst of putting together a rough demo for his solo musical project he called “Dystopian Dynasty.” While he was laying down the drum section, he became distracted and had an epiphany. He realized he wanted to work with other musicians to create something memorable. He immediately stopped what he was doing and began some web searches to see if he could find any interesting local talent. For the first few hours, he was disappointed. Every band he came across seemed to either lack talent or was obviously trying to sound like a more popular band. Discouraged, he forced himself to look at a few more profiles. It paid off. Moments later, he was listening to a track called, “Poison,” by Escaping Destiny. The duo oozed so much talent that it only took a couple of minutes for him to be certain he wanted to be a part of what they were creating. After sending Alex and Devon a well worded email, he met up with them later that day at a local Guitar Center.

During the ensuing months, it became clear that the three were a great fit for each other both musically and personality-wise. Escaping Destiny was starting to become the band Devon had envisioned. However, even though they did not realize it at the time, Escaping Destiny was still missing an important piece of the puzzle named Nicolai DeAugustine.

Nick first became interested in music at the age of 12 when his brother’s band asked him to sing some lyrics into a microphone during a practice session. Soon after, his mother bought him an $80 dollar Jackson bass guitar which allowed him to play and sing in his brother’s band. Over the course of the next few years, his bass playing and singing prowess increased substantially and Nick eventually joined a band called Underscore Adia. This project lasted for four years, at which point he joined the U.S. Army. This, coupled with a conflict of interest with one of the members, lead to the dissolution of the band. After this point, Nick still played music with unofficial bands until it became apparent to him that his music career was stagnating. For the next few years, he decided to take a hiatus from music. This hiatus lasted up until he began working at Amazon in Pittsburgh, PA.

Nick met Devon shortly after he began working at Amazon. With his outgoing personality, Nick managed to convince Devon to listen to some of his past band’s material. It took only mere moments of listening to Nick’s demos for Devon to realize just how talented his co-worker was. As a result, during Escaping Destiny’s next band practice, Devon pitched the idea of having a jam session/audition with Nick to see if he might fit within the team. Alex and Greg agreed to give him a shot. When Nick’s audition began, it was immediately apparent that his bass lines and improvised lyrics gave the band a “fuller” sound that they did not realize they were missing. It was clear that Nick could help take Escaping Destiny to another level of musical brilliance. So, shortly after his audition, Devon, Alex, and Greg invited him to perform a song at their next show. When Nick nailed his live performance, it was not long until he was made an official member of the band.
Kaelber is an up and coming band that has been building a steady buzz in Pittsburgh and the surroundings areas since their first show in 2015. Based out of Greensburg, PA, Kaelber combines an eclectic mix of psychedelic, alternative, and progressive rock fused with punk, funk, and metal to create a truly unique sound. Kaelber's onstage energy is infectious as they showcase their orginal songs and play covers from influences such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jimi Hendrix.

Kaelber Members (Left to Right):

Tabor McLeod - Bassist

Matt Reese - Drummer

Noah Myers - Lead Guitarist and Vocals
Venue Information:
Mr. Smalls Theatre
400 Lincoln Avenue
Millvale, PA, 15209